Founded in Solana Beach, CA 


​The Collection Meghan Carraher is a custom blended hair care system that captures the elevated coastal experience. A complete aromatherapy inspired getaway delicately balances function, support and maintenance for those who are active in lifestyle, dedicated to hair-color, exposed to sun, chlorine, saltwater, elements, and hot tools. ​Sensory soothing coupled with updated hair care technology combines an award-winning classic, with a beautifully clean design in an elevated category of modern beauty products. The Collection Meghan Carraher was created exclusively for five-star salon and spa professionals to provide a unique sensorial experience that encompasses the CA lifestyle. The need and demand for modernized hair care inspired a line that embraces an overall clean beauty lifestyle, ingredient decks that perform, mindfulness in supporting gorgeous hair color, certified organic essential oils, and custom orders without an abundance of fillers. The Southern California essence is truly captured in the bottle, with breathtaking essential oils such as Lavender, Blood Orange, Neroli, Jasmine, Rose, Chamomile, Lemongrass, Sandalwood, Bergamot and beyond. Mood elevation, relaxation, invigoration, gratitude, mindfulness and absolute self-care are key elements in the design of the brand. 

The brand supports the desire for the very best in beauty and is inspired by five-star wellness spas, the science of hair and skin, fashion and fragrance houses. The line in its entirety is as chic as it is inclusive, as well as environmentally responsible. Essential hair needs are optimized with dedication to the entire line in synergy. For best results and ultimate hair color retention, use as a complete system in synergy to preserve brilliance and shine. Drench hair with daily and weekly treatments that repair and hydrate without weighing hair down to showcase healthy looking hair, softness and exquisite tonality.


​Manufactured exclusively for The Collection Meghan Carraher, the line is completely free of animal cruelty, dye, PEGs, paraben, and most sulfates.