Purify and Retreat - Petite

Purify and Retreat - Petite


LaJolla Pure Shampoo 2oz


A gentle purifying sulfate shampoo for maximum suds and shine. Color safe, clean beauty care. As a blonding expert, Meghan recommends that if we do not properly cleanse our scalp and remove product buildup that even the best moisture and repair masks won't reach their full potential. This includes the brilliance of our blondes and hair-color.  Pair this with your favorite La Jolla Enrich conditioner or Coronado Retreat Mask for sparkling, pure results. 


The Coronado Retreat Mask 2oz


Restorative repair treatment drenches and replenishes playful hair that loves blonding, hot irons, chlorine, saltwater and vacation!

Say goodbye to summer hair and hello to gorgeous locks. Deeply treats without weighing hair down. Can be used daily in addition to conditioner, or used as a treatment up to 45 mins.

For best results, apply thoroughly and leave 5 minutes. Rinse, towel blot and repeat 3x.